[WoW] Achievement hunting – Getting Around with the Shado-Pan / One Many Army

Since there is not much to do at the moment besides raiding in WoD it is a good time to do some older achievements. There were a few I started in Mist of Pandaria but never finished and I figured this would be a good time to do it.

Since a few achievements are a bit tricky I want so share my experiences with you.



The Shado-Master is the meta achievement of the Shado-Pan achievements, so I am going to skip that. I missed Getting Around with the Shado-Pan and it was a pain to get a daily set with Hawkmaster Nurong to spawn. What is also important is that you and your companion still have to be dismounted when you hand in the quests. In 2015 this is still not fixed. Seems to be hard.

One Many Army is the next one I missed during MoP. I already had a lot of spawns but a few are tricky. E.g. Temuja, Gaohun and Baolai which share spawn times (one cannot live as long as another lives) but are also connected to specific dailies. And even if they were available on one day they are still dead most of the time. With phasing however, this is not the same big problem it used to be. Just use the LFG tool to hop between different servers while you stand on their spawn points and you are good to go. At least if they will spawn on the day you search for them 😉


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