[WoW] Alternate timelines and portals


Most of the stuff Blizzard presented to us as story was at least somewhat logical. But something about the WoD storyline still bothers me and I need someone to enlighten me where I go wrong:

We have our own timeline (A) where Garrosh’s trial was held. Kairozdormu, who is a bronze dragon, uses the visions of time to break the barrier between different timelines and get Garrosh to the safety of the Draenor timeline (B).
Ok, until here everything makes sense. A dragon, who is from the dragon flight that protects time, uses a mighty artifact and a lot of power to do this stuff.
Now, in timeline B, Garrosh kills Kairozdormu and decides that it is time to f*ck sh*t up in A. So he does what he does, gathers his Iron Horde and somehow gets the idea that it would be really cool to use the Dark Portal to get there. But until then the Dark Portal was just a link between worlds, not a link between worlds and timelines. So now here is Garrosh without Kairozdormu and without the Artifact but he has somehow managed to capture members of the Shadow Council and uses them to power the portal. Not in a normal way but in a way that is able to shatter the bonds of time.

While this seems already a bit stretched to me, I can live with that. Very powerful artifact (the Portal) and very powerful energy sources who also have a great knowledge that can be abused. Ok, so now we have a bridge from B to A.

Our heroes come from A to B and beat Garrosh hardcore in Tanaan Jungle. And they destroy the Dark Portal, meaning that the rift between the two worlds which are not only seperated by space but also by time, is closed again.
So after we arrive in either Shadowmoon or Frostfire, Khadgar decides that it would be really cool to build a base here. So he pops open a Portal from B to A in his first try in like 2 seconds without using some kind of artifact. Again: He is not opening a portal to cover a large distance, he is ripping apart time and space, something that was barely doable for a member of the bronze dragonflight with the power of an ancient amplifier and something for which the legendary Dark Portal had to be used – fueled by the power and the knowledge of members of the Shadow Council.

From a gameplay perspective I understand why mages can do this and why our Hearthstones still work, ok. But this Khadgar part is not about gameplay, it is about story only. Am I missing something here? Is someone out there who can help me out?



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