[WoW] DPS Warrior Gameplay in 6.1


Patch 6.1 is drawing closer and will be released later this month. I will not go into detail for most of the other things that will be available once the patch hits the live servers, but I will focus on the changes on warrior DPS.

Lets start with the most awesome one – at least in my opinion.


Avatar will have its cooldown reduced by 90 seconds, which means that it will be ready every 1.5 minutes instead of every 3 minutes. However, to address these changes a bit, the duration is also decreased by 4 seconds, so it will only be active for 20 seconds. This means that you get more uptime of it overall and that you are not dependent on a situation in which you do not have to move at all. While this change alone is awesome since it makes the talent viable for a lot more fights besides Butcher, the most important part is that it is now possible to line up every single Scabbard activation with Avatar. Even without this change Scabbard was easily one of the best-in-slot trinkets for arms and fury warriors but after this your blows will hit like a truck!



Siegebreaker has also been buffed a lot. This talent was in a really weird spot before the patch. At first it looks like a PVP talent, but everyone who has ever tried to use this ability in PVP will agree that knocking an enemy BACK is clearly not what you want to do. Sure, there were some rare cases were this proved to be useful (mainly for defending flags in RBGs or to peel off a DD from your healer) but most of the time this felt rather underwhelming. In PVE the damage was simply not even a slight match to be really a choice over Anger Management or Ravager. Yes, even Ravager, the AoE talent, did more damage on single target than Siegebreaker.
The new patch will change that however. Siegebreaker now deals 450% weapon damage, up from 300% weapon damage. This change will position the talent at place one for single target damage, while the other 2 talents still remain useful.



Arms is known for a lot of cleave and somewhat fine single target damage. While its single target DPS was buffed (and nurfed a little bit later) with hot fixes already, there is still the other quality arms is known for: Its boring and flat gameplay. As arms you really hat not much to do besides spamming Mortal Strike and Whirlwind on cooldown. Of course there were other abilities, but they were either proc dependent or on a really long CD. And then there was Slam, which was so weak it was not even used in single target rotations. Slam has a big advantage over other arms abilities: It gives something to do. And now it will even do decent damage: It now deals 150% weapon damage instead of just 105%. The last problem however are the huge rage holes that you tend to fall in, which lead you again to an unavoidable waiting time between your attacks. In my opinion there is still some work to do for Blizzard (bring Overpower back!), but this change is clearly a step in the right direction.

Last but not least there is a change to Second Wind. And this change is huge for the talent. It now grants 25% leech, up from 10%. For example, while you gained 100 HP before the patch, you will now get 250 HP. I am still not sure when to get this talent, but as you can see, it is a lot stronger now.

Altogether I am really exited about all these changes. Avatar is still my favorite one, but Siegebreaker also as a lot to offer.

Have fun with these new changes and go break something!







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